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Frequently Asked Questions
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Leasing a Hakimian Apartment
1) I’d like to rent a Hakimian Organization apartment. What Manhattan locations do you have available?
2) How can I rent an apartment?
3) How can I obtain a Lease Application Form?
4) Will I need a guarantor to lease an apartment?
5) How can I obtain a Guarantor’s Application Form?
6) How long of a lease term can I sign for?
7) What is your pet policy?
8) When do I get a copy of my lease?
Moving into your Apartment
1) When can I move in? With whom do I schedule the move-in?
2) Is an insurance certificate required from my movers?
3) How can I set up utilities for my apartment?
4) Do I need to buy Renter’s Insurance?
Your Apartment
1) When is my rent payment due?
2) Who do I write my rent check out to? Where should I send it?
3) Who can I talk to about any repair or maintenance issues related to my apartment?
4) Who can I talk to about any billing questions?
5) Can I paint my apartment a different color?
6) Can I renovate my apartment?
7) Are satellite dishes permitted?
8) Is outdoor furniture permitted?
9) Is barbecuing permitted?
10) How can I obtain a screen for my door or window?
11) I must move out / My roommate must move out. What is the procedure in this situation?
12) Who do I contact in case of emergency?
Renewing Your Lease
1) When can I renew my Apartment Lease?
2) What will my Lease Renewal rent price be?
3) How long are Renewal Lease terms?
4) My roommate is not renewing but I want to renew the Lease. What is the procedure in this situation?
5) Can I sublease my apartment?
6) What is an “Additional Security Deposit”?
Vacating Your Apartment
1) How do I give notice that I am moving out at the end of my lease?
2) How can I obtain a reference letter from The Hakimian Organization?
3) How do I get my security deposit returned to me?

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